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Disclosure of Contributions

Maryland Law requires persons doing business with Maryland Government and person employing lobbyists to file a Disclosure of Contributions. Reports are due every six months on November 30 and May 31 with the transaction period ending the last day of the month prior to the due date. However, in 2015 there will a report due on August 31 with a transaction end date of July 31. This is only for 2015. There is also an initial report that a person doing business with the State is required to file at the time the government contract is entered into.

Electronic Filing Requirements:

  • Using any Internet browser, log in at You can file your disclosure report up to 11:59pm on the filing deadline. An email will be sent to you verifying the submission of the report.

Who is required to file

  1. Any person with a single contract with a single governmental entity of $200,000 or more.
  2. A person who provides lobbyist compensation and makes campaign contributions in excess of $500 to a candidate.
    1. A person provides lobbyist compensation if the person spent at least $500 to provide compensation to one or more regulated lobbyists during the six month reporting period.
    2. A person has made an applicable campaign contribution if, during the reporting period, the person has given one or a series of contributions in excess of $500 to a candidate. If the person is a business entity, a contribution by the following are attributable to the business entity:
      1. A subsidiary of the business entity;
      2. An officer, director, or partner of the business entity;
      3. An officer, director, or partner of the subsidiary;
      4. A Political Action Committee sponsored by the business entity; or
      5. An employee or agent of the business entity or of its subsidiary, if the employee or agent makes a contribution at the direction of the business entity or the subsidiary.
    3. Candidate includes a candidate for, or an official holding, the office Governor; Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, or member of the General Assembly.

Special Rules for Not-for-Profit Organizations

  1. A contribution made by an individual who serves as a trustee or member of the board of directors of a not-for-profit organization is not attributable to the organization and does not need to be reported unless:
    1. The contribution is made at the recommendation of the organization; or
    2. The individual who made the contribution is paid by the organization.
  2. A contribution by an officer of a not-for-profit organization is attributable to the organization and must be reported unless the officer is not paid and the organization is filing this disclosure report only because it employs a lobbyist.

Changes to Title 14 of the Election Law Article

During the 2013 Legislative Session of the General Assembly, House Bill 1499 - Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2013 (Chapter 419) was enacted. This bill substantially changed registration and fliings under Title 14 of the Election Law Article. The State Board of Elections has prepared a document highlighting the changes (Updated January 16, 2015).