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Official results for the Gubernatorial primary and general elections are available for viewing and printing.


686 candidates filed for office for the 2002 Gubernatorial Primary election and 403 will appear on the Gubernatorial General election ballot. Petitions candidate statuses are listed separately.

Voter Turnout

Voter turnout information for the General and Primary elections shows statewide voter participation as well as participation per congressional district and party. These figures include votes by absentee ballots.

Ballot Questions

This year's General Assembly voted on 3 constitutional amendments to appear on the ballot as statewide ballot questions. Additionally ten counties will see local questions added to their ballot.


The election calendar has the complete timeline for the 2002 Gubernatorial Election including all the deadline information you may need for registration, petition filing, campaign finance report filing etc.

Pursuant to an Order issued by the Court of Appeals, certain deadlines have been extended due to the legal challenges to the legislative redistricting plan. These extended dates only apply to General Assembly candidates and Central Committee candidates running by legislative district.

Judicial Elections

Judicial elections differ in several ways from the election of other public offices. This listing contains detailed information on how judges are appointed to and run for continuance in office for the Court of Appeals, Court of Special Appeals, and Circuit Court and District Court.

Offices on the Ballot

Each election year sees a different set of offices appearing on the ballot. We have compiled for you a list of offices on the ballot for the upcoming Gubernatorial Election.