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Voter Registration Statistics

Purchasing Voter Registration Lists

The State Board of Elections maintains voter registration files for 24 local boards of elections and is authorized to sell, to qualified voters, their voter registration lists (mainly statewide registration lists).

To apply for voter registration lists the applicant must:

  • be a registered voter in Maryland
  • sign a statement, under penalty of perjury, which says that the lists will not be used for commercial solicitation or any other purpose not related to the electoral process
  • download, print and complete the required application (PDF) (this document will print on letter size paper)
  • complete an application for each request.

Deadline to Submit Application: Any application for registration lists must be filed on or before the registration deadline. Applications received after that date shall be returned to the applicant.

Product Information and Cost:

  • Compact Disk (CD) $125.00 plus $3.00 set-up charge for a statewide file or $75.00 per county (when specific counties are selected), plus $3.00 set-up charge (Deposit of $25.00)
  • If requesting a smaller list, such as a municipality, it may be more affordable to request this data from the Local Board of Elections directly.

Monthly Voter Registration Activity Reports

Voter Registration Figures by District