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Campaign Finance Database

The campaign finance database can be used to:

MD CRIS Training Seminars

This training teaches you how to enter in contributions, record expenditures and file a campaign finance report using MD CRIS. Please contact Vicki Molina at 410-269-2874 to RSVP. Additional training will occur throughout the year.

  • State Board of Elections
    151 West Street, Suite 200
    Annapolis, MD 21401

    • Dates to be determined
      Note: We do have a wireless internet connection if you would like to bring a laptop.

EAffidavit Filing

A political committee may file the Eaffidavit in lieu of a detailed campaign finance report if the political committee did not receive contributions or make expenditures in the cumulative amount of $1,000 or more (exclusive of the candidate's filing fee) since either the establishment of the political committee, or the filing of the last campaign finance report.

Reporting Schedule

The Reporting Schedule lists the transaction periods and due dates for all of campaign finance reports due for Baltimore City and Presidential designated political committees. Additionally, the schedule lists the next 3 reporting dates for Gubernatorial designated political committees.

Central Committee Aggregate In-Kind Contributions

A central committee of a political party and legislative party caucus committees may make aggregate in-kind contributions during an election cycle not in excess of for a State central committee $1 for every two registered voter in the State and for a local central committee $1 for every two registered voter in the county.

Public Campaign Financing

Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor are entitled to receive public funds for their campaigns provided they comply with the requirements established under Election Law Article Title 14. The Summary of Public Financing Laws will provide prospective candidates and other interested persons with an overview of how to apply for and receive public funds, the amount of public funds currently available, and information on prior use of public funds.

Disclosure of Contributions

Maryland Law requires persons doing business with Maryland Government and/or person employing lobbyists to file a Disclosure of Contributions. Reports are due every six months on November 30 and May 31 with the transaction period ending the last day of the month prior to the due date. However, in 2015 there will a report due on August 31 with a transaction end date of July 31. This is only for 2015. There is also an initial report that a person doing business with the State is required to file at the time the government contract is awarded.

Summary Guide to Maryland Candidacy and Campaign Finance Laws

Summary Guide for Maryland Candidacy and Campaign Finance Laws (PDF).